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Isolated Phase Bus Duct

Isolated Phase Bus Duct

Isolated Phase Bus Ducts are one of the most popular items on the product catalogue of Brilltech – India’s leading electrical accessories provider. These advanced Isolated Phase Bus Ducts are manufactured using industrial grade raw materials and exceptional quality spare parts that makes them durable and helps in efficient functioning of the unit. Furthermore, we also employ expert designers to make our Isolated Phase Bus Ducts unique in terms of structure and construction. The distinct design of our Isolated Bus Ducts ensures that each stage of the circuit is running in distinguish based metal enclosure making them completely safe. Widely used in power plants and big switching station applications; these Isolated Phase Bus Ducts can carry large amount of electrical currents among a generator and its transformer. Produced using industrial grade materials and exceptional quality spares our Isolated Electrical Phase Bus Ducts are best available in the market. Beacuse of this product, we are also listed among the foremost Isolated Bus Ducts Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India.


  • Telescopic and Blade style disconnect switches
  • Neutral Tiles
  • Field Supervision facility
  • Ampacity Studies
  • Neutral Grounding Cubicles

Widely used in

  • Multiphase power plugs & sockets
  • Industrial power plugs & sockets
  • Electric power transmission
  • Building wiring
  • Electrical wiring

Our Main Market for export of Isolated Phase Bus Duct

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