Marshalling Panel

Marshalling Panel

Brilltech feels great honour in presenting highly efficient and super efficient Marshalling Panel as part of its product range. As a result, Brilltech is accredited as one amongst the remarkable Marshalling Panel Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from Delhi India. These specially designed Electrical Marshalling Panels are designed at our research division, keeping in mind several challenges that our clients face.

Widely used in different industries for process control applications and mobilizing of field cables; these Marshalling Distribution Panel have two cables that come towards the panel among one develop from the field while the other go towards control room. We are committed to offer the best quality Marshalling Control Panel to our clients and to ensure that we subject our Marshalling Power Panel to strict quality and performance checks before being sent to customers.

What is Marshalling Panel And Why Do You Need It?

Marshalling Panel is designed to be used as an interface between the field junction box and control panel. Its main functions are:

  • Signal conditioning
  • Termination
  • Signal isolation
  • Cold junction compensation
  • Field device power supplies etc.

It combined multiple wires and cables and provides cross-wiring functionality between the control room cabinet and field instrument.

As one of the preeminent Marshalling Panel Manufacturers, we have customized models to connect signals from different field devices to a control system. Contact us to know more.

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