Converter Transformer

Converter Transformer

Brilltech is a very popular and trusted brand in the market, when it comes to highly efficient Transformer. We are counted as one the reputed Converter Transformer Manufacturers exporters and suppliers in Delhi India. Designed by an expert team, these Converter Duty Transformers are unique in design and offer exceptional performance for long time periods without any issues. As a Transformer manufacturers, we use high grade raw materials and excellent electrical spares in the production process; both of which are sourced from reputed suppliers.

Apart from unique design, we also try to incorporate latest technology and advanced machinery components into our Convertor Power Transformer; this gives them excellent functionality and superior features. Over the years, superior performance and unmatched quality of our product has makes us the foremost Electrical Converter Transformer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India.

Features of Converter Transformer

  • Impedance variation influence
  • Harmonic Currents
  • Voltage Distribution in Oil Barrier System
  • DC Bushings
  • On load Tap Changer
  • DC Magnetization
  • Polarity Reversal
  • Short Circuit Forces

Converter Duty Transformers Widely Used In

  • Variable speed drives (VSD)
  • Traction substations
  • DC arc furnace
  • Aluminium electrolysis
  • Copper refining
  • Graphitizing furnaces

    How Does A Converter Transformer Different From Power Transformer?

    A Converter Transformer is mainly designed to be used in the HVDC System to convert AC to DC or vice-versa. These are different than power transformer, as their one winding is connected to any one circuit, as a dedicated transformer.

    These are better in terms of design and performance and available in different configurations.. Contact us to order today.

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Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

If you are looking for premium quality Converter Transformer In Delhi, Noida that gives you excellent performance, then you are on the right page. Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the eminent Converter Transformer Manufacturers In Delhi, Noida that deals in a wide array of Converter Transformer with different specifications. We have an in-house manufacturing unit where we design products with utmost precision. We use cut-edge tools and modern machinery to manufacture premium quality Electrical Panels, LT Distribution Panels, Cable Bus Ducts, Power Generators, and Electrical Transformers in Delhi, Noida. We supply genuine grade Converter Transformer in EthiopiaKaithalIndia. Our highly trained and experienced professionals never mind working beyond boundaries in bringing safe and precise Converter Transformer In Delhi, Noida.

Electrical Panel

An electrical panel is a box made up of metal and has a door. You’ll find all your home’s breaker switches in this panel. It shuts off automatically when more current run through them. If you are looking for Electrical Panel, we have LT Distribution Panel, Load Management Panel, Outdoor Power Panel, Marshalling Panel, and Power Control Panel In Delhi, Noida. So get in touch with us for your Panel need.

Electrical Cable

An electrical cable is a current-carrying assembly of wires that runs side by side and are bonded and twisted. They are used to carry current. We, one of the leading Electrical Cable Manufacturers In Delhi, Noida,  offer you top-quality Electrical Cable In NayagarhPanajiHanumangarh.

Chemical Earthing

Chemical Earthing is a traditional earthing system that improves the condition of the soil and decreases soil resistivity. If you once installed, Chemical Earthing can serve for years and years. If you are looking for Chemical Earthing In Delhi, Noida, we are here to help you by delivering the best GI Earthing Strip, Copper Earthing Strip, Conventional Earthing, and Maintenance Free Earthing in Delhi, Noida for you.


The transformer is an electrical device. It is designed to transfer electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another, either stepping up or down the voltage. So get the best quality Converter Transformer In New MexicoHamirpur UPDudley from us in a call. We, one of the reliable Transformer Manufacturers In Delhi, Noida, are here for you.

Generator Set

The generator set is a combination of generator and engine. It is an engine that drives the generator, and supply power is used to run other equipment. We offer Diesel Generator Set, Silent Generator Set, Gas Generator Set, Mobile Generator set and Power Generator Set In Delhi, Noida that is easy to install, so make your order from us now.


Bus-Duct is a sheet metal duct in the electric power distribution and is used to conduct electricity to power cables or cable buses in commercial and industrial settings. We, one of the Bus-Duct Manufacturers In Delhi, Noida, are here to customize them according to your requirement. So for Bus-Duct in BexleyChatraRayagada, we are a one-stop station for you.


A cable tray is an assembly of units that have associated fittings that form a rigid structural system. It is used for securely fastening or supporting cables. Whether you want Galvanized Cable Tray, Ladder Cable Tray, Perforated Cable tray, and Race Ways, we have all of them under a roof. So rely on us for the best quality Cable-Tray In Delhi, Noida.

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